Peace be with you

Ramadhaan Mubaarak

The Islamic Society wishes you a blessed Ramadhaan. We pray it is blissful and beneficial for all those fasting. Let us be amongst those who gain more than just hunger; pray that we nourish our souls and gain the station of Taqwa, living in a manner continuously concious of God.

Health Guide

This Ramadhaan Health Guide may serve as good advice regarding the kind of nourishing diets we should try to stick with. Remember though Halal food is what we Muslims should be consuming, this is not the aim! The aim is to consume not only Halal, but Tayyib, pure, food. Ethical and wholesome food which will be of benefit spiritually as well as physically.

Pocket Guide

Be productive with this Ramadhaan Pocket Guide! Download it for free, and check the activities checklist as well as supplications for the three sections of the month of Ramadhaan; the month of Mercy, Forgiveness and Salvation. What makes Ramadhaan special is not just the fasting, it’s the time period itself. Just as there are sanctified places here on Earth, the Ka’ba, Masjid Ul Nabawi and Masjid Al Aqsa to name three, there are also sanctified times. We must maximise our usage of these times if we are to be amongst those who truly benefit.

Viewing of the Prophetic Biography – Mufti Menk

There will be group viewings for everyone of the biography of the Prophet peace be upon him on our smart boards in both the brothers and sisters Islamic Prayer Rooms (campus map 15) for the duration of Ramadhaan after ASR every day. Be enlightened by hearing about the Enlightened One.


Have a date with us – Iftaar


Some of the members of the Islamic Society took the initiative to collaborate with us to form a Ramadhaan committee and provide iftaar every day for the month of Ramadhaan. Please join us in the Islamic Prayer Room (campus map 15) after MAGHRIB for free. Both brothers and sisters are welcome to come in the respective prayer areas.  May Allaah grant those have organised this, those who participate and those who donate abundant reward.

Favourite this page and revisit frequently to see what else we have planned. Remember to share this via Twitter and Facebook so others can benefit.

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