The Islamic Society is a member of the Lancaster University Students’ Union (LUSU). Its aim is to provide support for the spiritual and social welfare of all Muslim Students at the University of Lancaster, and to promote an understanding of Islam within the whole community.

An Environment conducive to the understanding and practice of Islam is encouraged through the society’s religious, social and sporting programs, as outlined in this website.

There are opportunities for members from many nations to interact with each other in the spirit of the universal brotherhood and sisterhood of Islam. The society also attempts to present the message of Islam to the public at large through appropriate programs and activities, shedding light on this beautiful tradition and dispelling misunderstandings.

Events & Activities


The five daily prayers are performed in congregation in the prayer room (Ashhouse – No. 15 on Campus Maps). The timetable for prayers is available at the prayer room as well as on this website. The mosque has separate facilities for both brothers and sisters and a well-stocked Islamic library, with numerous books in Arabic, English and other languages, which the students are encouraged to take advantage of.


All Islamic occasions (including Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha) are observed with a special program of activities organized by the Islamic Society. Hajj is also organised by the Federation of Students Islamic Societies (FOSIS) of which the Islamic Society is a member.


The Society collects Zakah El-Fitr and passes it to either Masjid An-Nur in Lancaster or Islamic Relief so that they may distribute it. In addition, the society also distributes funds to various charity organizations like Islamic Relief or Human Relief Foundation.

Both brothers and sisters hold regular study circles in English and Arabic with a variety of talks and discussions. Times and places of which will be advertised in the mosque and on the mailing list. Everyone is encouraged to join these events as they are instrumental in forming a strong bond of brotherhood and in understanding our religion and each other.


The Society also tries to help create better awareness of Islam among the non-Muslim students on campus. This is done through various activities like Islam Awareness Week and other lectures designed to help answer any questions the general population might have about Islam.

Providing a platform to excellence