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Assalamualaiykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakhatu

Insha allah tonight will be the first night of Ramadhan, we hope you all are able to make the most of this blessed month and that Allah blesses you with his mercy.

I would like to also draw your attention to our dedicated Ramadhan page, filled with information about how to make the most from Ramadhan.

For those of you in the Lancaster area I would like to invite you to the prayer room on campus for iftaar throughout this month as well as for taraweeh prayers. I have attached a Ramadhan timetable.

Ramadhan timetable

May Allah accept your duas and may He bless you with peace in your heart, mind & soul.

Important announcement

This is the official website for Lancaster University Islamic Society.

We are a major society within the university, affiliated with Lancaster University Students’ Union (LUSU), providing regular lectures and courses on a wide range of topics and issues. The society also co-operates with a number of other societies, including the Chaplaincy Centre, to provide relevant events for both Muslim as well as non-Muslim students.

The society is also active in less formal activities including days out, nights in, chances to socialise and dinners.

We want to serve you and make your time as easy as possible at Lancaster University. If we do not meet your expectations please contact us. Your feedback, input and contribution will enable this society to fulfil its vision in enabling for university to be a place to ground us in our faith whilst engaging and contributing positively to an ever changing world.

The latest updates:

Link to the Manifestos for the Islamic Society election candidates 2014 

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1/01/2014: Download NEW Prayer Times for 2014 here:  Lancaster – Prayer Times 2014

New Link under the Life in Lancaster page – Motorway Service Station Prayer Facilities


New Blog Posts

Eid Mubarak!

Lancaster University Islamic Society would like to wish the community of Lancaster, on campus and off campus, a very merry Eid and we pray that the fruits of Ramadhaan are reaped on this day. Whether your Eid is on Thursday or Friday, Alhamdulillaah for the blessings Eid brings with it and may Allaah grant us many Ramadhaan. 

Let’s use this Ramadhaan as a catalyst to continue developing positively and developing closer to God. While you’re here check our EID PAGE and read our EID REMINDER about time.

Pocket Guide

Ramadhan Pocket Guide added to the Ramadhan page.


Ramadhan Mubarak

Lancaster University Islamic Society wishes its members and the Muslim community a very fruitful Ramadhaan. If you would like to join the Muslim community on campus to break the fast, come pray Maghrib at the Islamic Prayer Room on campus. We have a dedicated Ramadhaan page, check it out.


The new campus map has been added under the Contact Us tab where you can find the location of the Ashhouse Islamic Prayer Room.


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